Are you aware of your brand? Build IT and they will come

 Hey ladies! Do you have a different persona when you're at work? It's normal right? We all have a professional version of ourselves that is somewhat different from our personal selves. There is nothing wrong with that but there is one thing that needs to be consistent regardless and that's our personal brand. Not your personal image but your personal brand. Your personal brand should be authentic because your personal image is only at a superficial level and mostly applies to first impressions and introductory meetings. It's superficial and based on appearances. 

You're able to gauge some personal brand content about who I am based on some images.

However your personal brand is more intrinsic. It's your authentic self and it's comes through whether we intensionally curate it or not. Your personal brand bleeds through prominently online within your social media accounts. It's a compilation what you're emitting over time and consistently displaying. Your personal brand incorporates your personal image which is your outward appearance and combines your personality. It includes the factors that leads into your personality such as your education, passions, character, routines and strengths. It even includes your profession, friends, social status, neighborhood and your choice in spouse. It all lends to your personal brand and we all have one. Your personal brand drives your actions and reactions. 

With that understood, how do we want the world to perceive our personal brand? How do people feel when they're around you? Do the energy change when you're in the room and if so how? Control your narrative and make sure that you narrate your own progression in life by controlling what you can and that could start by contouring your personal brand. The goal is to make sure that what you're putting out is received positively to all that comes in contact with you, whether that's online or in real life. It's also ensuring that what you put out virtually matches what you have going on in real life. 

Tips to build your personal brand...

1     Be authentic! Show your real self and passion. I cannot stress this enough. We're all bombarded with information but we can tell bullshit when we see it and we also can feel authentic joy. It's transparent. 

2    Define your values! Know your strengths and weakness and build on your strengths. When you feel passionate about a subject, you become invested and people notice the shift in energy whether good or bad so make it good. 

    Network! Meet and build your tribe. They are key allies that you'll need and aversion is good too because haters talk. All buzz is welcomed when building your brand. Just make sure that your actions are authentic and pure.

4    Know your strengths or what you want to be well versed in at least. 

5    Invest in yourself and invest (time and energy) in your network.

6    Consistency is key!  Repetitively push your brand and model what you're selling or want to convey 

7    Carve out a niche that makes you different and distinct and TELL YOUR STORY

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